Here’s How It Works
Here’s How It Works
Getting started with Instant Business Websites is simple, just follow these four easy steps:
  • Set Up One Of Your Lead Capture Websites

    • Login to the dashboard and configure your global settings to select your preferred contact details.
    • Then simply use our software to create your first lead capture web form & embed it in one of your done-for-you websites.
    • Publish you site with a few more clicks and you’re off and running.
  • Advertise Your Site Through Email, Direct Mail, Etc.

    • Market your new lead capture website through your established sphere of influence and network of contacts.
    • Use our proven marketing materials to set up a broad-based email and/or direct mail campaign to target new prospects.
    • Set up a Facebook ad and leverage your social media presence to generate even more leads.
  • Buyers & Sellers Opt-In & Receive A Free Offer

    • As buyers and sellers come to your site they’ll opt-in with their contact information in exchange for a free offer or report.
    • Use our built-in notification system to be instantly notified by text or email when you receive a new lead.
    • You can also use our Mobile Real Estate Marketer software to help you respond to leads automatically.
  • Follow Up With The Lead And Close The Deal

    • All that’s left to do is follow-up with the lead as soon as possible and get the listing.
    • You can use your new Expert Real Estate Trends website and listing presentation to help seal the deal.
    • And once you list the home, you can try out our exclusive single-property website software.
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