Success Stories
Success Stories
Here are just a few of the positive success stories and client testimonials we have received so far!
“Results from our free home value postcard were sucessful. We did around 1,000 postcards, got 130 hits on the 1st page of the squeeze site, 26 leads on the thank you page, 1 contract signed and established good working relationships with several other leads. Surprizingly we are still getting visitors to the first page and a couple of leads each day after 3-months without sending new postcards!”
Ivonne Valdes – California
August 14, 2013
“Through the weekend I have been running the ads at $10 per day. I have received nearly 100 clicks in 48-hours, with 4 first page submissions and 2 additional criteria submissions. That additional criteria was for a $1.8 million home and I now have an appointment with the seller. We only market for REO, Short Sale and Luxury Homes over $1.5 million so this has been an extreme success for a niche marketing campaign. It seems as though it may have huge results.”
Anthony Mann – New York
August 12, 2013
“I ran the Facebook ad Saturday for home values. Amazing to say the least. In six hours I spent $58 and got 22 leads, 3 who were selling in the next 1-4 months. I also ran the home values ad and received 19 leads in two-hours and only spent $30. Amazing results!”
David Vandermydem of Roseville, CA
August 8, 2013
“Just this evening I did a facebook home value ad. I ran it for 5-hours. So far I have received 25 leads, and 14 of them filled out the full home value form. I had 14,574 impressions, 692 clicks and a cost of $67.43. Overwhelmed by the success.”
Ron McCord – Maryland
August 2, 2013
“About two-weeks ago I did an offer using your Facebook program. Spent $100 and got 12 responses. I cut my marketing cost by over 90% and increased my response by over 500%. As you may have guessed…I’m sold on your Facebook program.”
Michael Roualdes of – California
July 19, 2013
“Wanted to update everyone on my postcard results. I sent out 1400 house value postcards in April. I received several leads but two have turned into listings. One home is one the market for $240,000 and one is about to go on for $270,000. Cost me $230 in postage. Sending another 1200 out tomorrow and excited to try out the Facebook ads now.”
Susan Worley Shartzer – Kansas
July 16, 2013
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